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Nature and Wildlife Photographer D.W. Maiden specializes in photographing wildlife in and around Virginia, Maryland and the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. His emphasis is on catching the unique qualities of wildlife that often pass too quickly for the human eye to process and comprehend.

Backyard Birds of the Piedmont (pictured left) is a Children's book written for the beginning-level reader. This book uses my photos and is written by Suzanne Walls. It is part of the Exploring Wildlife Series of books for children. More information about the series can be found by following this link.

My second photo book called "Backyard Birds of the Piedmont" is a beginners guide to common backyard birds found in the Virginia Piedmont. It has over 70 pictures and some interesting facts about each bird. To see a preview or to order follow this link.

Preview or order my first book, "Coffee Table Birdbook" (shown left), a collection of bird photos.

In my Birds Gallery you will find what amounts to my bird "life list" in pictures. I am always adding to my life list in pictures and posting them into the birds galleries. All photographs are shot in the wild unless otherwise noted. Please use this site as a reference guide to birds found in Virginia and if you like my photos please follow, like and G+!! Follow my list of birds found in Virginia.

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Wild Bird Books by D.W. Maiden
Backyard Birds of the Piedmont
A beginners guide to the common backyard birds found in the Virginia piedmont.

Coffee Table Bird Book
A photo book of birds found in Virginia.
A photo field guid...
By D.W. Maiden
Volume I
By The Photography of...

Photography by D. W. Maiden
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